The Boss And The C13 Are Here!


The title says it all the C13s are here and so are the Bossess.The Bossess come out on August 8,2009 at 12:00 midnight and The C13s come out August 7,2009 at 12:00 midnight. I`m going to stay up that late to get both of them woo!!!

(dryoyo says, " No Forum Graffiti ")


Haha a nice little countdown timer  :slight_smile:

14 hours 51 minutes left  ;D


yup but the thing that i hate about it that it comes out at midnight but i want it so bad im going to stay up and battle the awful sleep for a prized possession


Is YYf only making a limited number of the C13 like the C22.

(SR) #5

They are a regular release.


500 piece run. Already totally sold out from YoYofactory.

(Mikey) #7

How much is the c13?

(Shisaki) #8

C13 is around $85 and $90 or $95 for splash. BOSS is $80 and $85 for a Augie colorway.


Can you show me a picture of the augie colorway and the silver and black splash is that 95 bucks and who`s staying up at midnight

(SR) #10

Here is a picture of the Augie Fash Edition BOSS- They are $85 for the special edition.

(Yin) #11

the c13 is fresh. if you can pick one up.



thanks for the pm SR

(SR) #13

You are very welcome my good sir!