The best way to hold 5a die?


what is the best way to hold a 5a die?


heres how i hold it


That’s also how I hold it. And it is how Andre shows you how to hold it in his videos.


If you just starting to learn 5A/ freehand style, just watch this video and it will help you:

Happy Throwing! =]

(Cinimod105) #5

It is just really preference. Just hold it the way that are comfortable and feel natural with so long it does not affect the quality of your throw much.

(Jesse) #6

I actually grip it in the middle of my hand then use my pointer and thumb to hold the yo-yo.

(YoYoBlaze) #7

well there’s no exact way to hold the counter wight and the yoyo. Many people prefer it the way tyler should you in his picture. others like to put the string through their ring and middle finger and hold the counterweight by their knuckles leaving the yoyo in the palm. this makes it throw like in 1A. the problem with this is that counterweight could just fall out with a strong throw. another way is to wrap the counterweight around your finger, throw normally, and then just simply unwrap it and begin with your tricks.
just like domin said, you just have to find a way to suits YOU