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I REALLY SUCK AT COUNTER-WEIGHTS!!! HELP ME! How Can I Get A Stronger Throw Without It Flying Off My Hand And Crashing?!?!? >:( :-X :’( :-\


I like to throw my 5A yoyos with the dice behind my Middle and Ring fingers. Make sure you keep your fingers next to each other and practice. You’ll get it soon :slight_smile:


you can do it that way, or between your ring and pinky finger (my way of choice), or at the end of your hand, it doest really matter, they key is to just hold onto the counterwieght very tightly, fyi i wouldnt start to try 5A until you have a good base for 1A


Also, wen you throw and catch, only use your pointer and thumb. Check this out:

Also, look here:,17494.0.html


I do it how andre teaches us

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All’s i got to say is HANG ON TO THE COUNTER WEIGHT. If you really want a hard throw practice going slow, work withthat until you mastered going slow, then try a little bit faster, and work up too the strong throw. You do this to build more control over the counter weight, and you’ll get it soon.


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I hold the counterweight with my pinky finger and the string underneath
my ring and middle finger. When you throw, the string should come over
your pointer finger. Also, you should hold the yoyo so it is resting on your
pointer finger and your thumb should be in the gap. At,
there is a video by Tie McClellan that explain how to hold and throw, and
everything not to do, but I haven’t been able to get to that site lately.