the bar being raised drastically

Well after looking at PNWR vids I feel the skill bar has been raised and talent is out of control. I feel so inadequate now. what do ya’ll think of 2013 and where yoyoing is going.

It’s probably pretty hard to see that level of skill, and not have some level of appreciation for it.

I’d say most of us in turn have a desire to play like that too.

But, don’t feel inadequate. Your worth as a person has nothing to do with your capabilities of playing with a yo-yo.

Furthermore, your worth as a yo-yo player has nothing to do with your capabilities of playing with a yo-yo.

If it’s a creative outlet that you enjoy, you’re doing it right.

I can really only say that because…
All that being said, the things people are capable of blow my mind. If I still measured some level of my worth based on my performance… I would feel pretty inadequate too. haha.

Don’t be intimidated, be inspired.


Bars are meant for raising, it’s just your decision whether or not you’d like to be the one who raises it.

I didnt say it was bad I just felt skill is incrwasing mor than ever it was positive lol

Yeah after watching the 5A videos from PNWR… oh wait that’s right…

but seriously I feel like in some styles things are getting seriously raised but in other… Meh
So Zach(1A) and Kevin(1A) and Patrick(3A) (haven’t seen Donald Hodgkinson’s video yet but I can only imagine, having beat Patrick it was amazing) are all blowing the bar way up there and I am throughly amazed and while I haven’t seen Sterling Quinns freestyle I know how absolutely tech he is and really rocks everytime I see him.

However the 5A champion from EYYC was… a little underwhelming. I recognize that this isn’t AP or Japan Nationals but this is the biggest yoyo contest in europe I figured there might be a bit more WOW coming out of that (maybe everyone is just having a bit of a stall in that category and it will pick up soon)

Definitely seems like the 1a game has been changing drastically in the last few months. New innovations are made practically every day it seems like. It just keeps going at such a rapid pace. I see no less in the future. You can only expect the bar to keep being raised, and somebody pushing the limits. If nobody was doing that, then we would still be stuck with 10 second string tricks with a loop at the end.

I liked that freestyle. I thought it was pretty good, and definitely enjoyable.

But that’s besides the point.