The agonist of choice

Really sorely tempted by the new YYM Agonist. It looks pretty sweet - YYM’s first bi-metal, really good looking shape, nice diameter (basically 55 mm). My only concern is it looks a little light (62 g), and of course it’s a decent chunk of change. Anyone else tempted, or ideally tried one???

I’ve been following this for months since yym posted the prototype

That and the 7075 checkmate have been tempting me

62g sounds lovely. If I were to make a vanity yoyo today, it would be 52g bi-metal. :wink:

The Werrd Pacquiao showed me that a really light throw can still spin long enough for my daily fun. And it’s really lovely to never feel a yoyo trying to yank your finger off. :wink: Everyone’s mileage may vary of course… some people’s daily fun still means doing competition-calibre combos.

Wouldn’t be too worried about the overall weight. The Draupnir only clocks in at 63g but through some YYR sorcery has the spin and stability of much heavier throws. I think if the weight is well distributed, the Agonist should be able to pull off a similar feat.