The 0A Thread (Fixed Axle & Modern Responsive)

Those were released a good while ago.

You weren’t smitten with the Weekender and Daytripper like many?

I played the Weekender for quite a bit, but something about the balance of it I didn’t like. Daytripper was also good, but again, the weight with the balance didn’t jive with me.

I take back my previous statement, I do have the Workhorse that we’re working on in the Boomer Club.


People in the Boomers club seem to really like the Workhorse.

Fun fact: I like very few responsive metals. I’m not even much of a fan of the RBC. I :sweat_smile:


This is like Frankenstein calling his monster an abomination


Yeah, I didn’t like the RBC, no offense. Loved the idea, but couldn’t bond with the play of it. I’ve had the metal Harbinger now for 4-5 hours. Maybe 20-30mins of play so far, with little work breaks, and haven’t run into any of the things that I’ve almost immediately felt with other 0A yoyos.


What would be one of those things?

I’m glad you like it. With the Harbinger, I really wanted to nail the ideal metal responsive.

I think Mark and I just may have achieved this. Just maybe. At least currently anyway. I’m very happy with it and I throw mine all the time.


No offense whatsoever. As I said, I don’t really like it either. It feels good to hold, but there are performances issues.

Balance/weight distribution is a big thing.

Yes, even for modern responsives where people don’t think it would matter so much.

I will say that my 0A leans more in the 1A direction than toward fixed axles. So when I’d play some of the other 0A yoyos on the market and play them like a fixie, the balance is off for me. You have a solid piece of wood for the halves compared to thin, hollowed out aluminum. The feel and balance aren’t the same. And when I play, like I normally do, they’re either very snaggy, or there isn’t enough rim weight to keep them balanced on the string or to spin long enough. They also want a lighter throw, at least to me they do, so when I’d throw harder, they’d snag really quick.

I can throw the metal Harbinger harder than I’ve been able to with say the Weekender/Day Tripper. The balance on fixie style of play is almost right on, close enough that I’m not drastically noticing it. And it’s not as snaggy as the RBC’s that I had were. Looking forward to the pads breaking in on the Harbinger.


Grab yourself a 3mm wide MR85 and it may lend itself even further to your playstyle while remaining decently responsive.


May give that a shot down the road! Thanks

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How does the Workhorse play, @AaronW ?

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I think the 2 of you have definitely created something with a feel that is very unique and different from all the others I’ve tried. I love my Deep State but if it was the only yo-yo I had, I would feel want. If the Harbinger were the only yo-yo I had…I feel I could be happy with this. It is indeed very special and my love for it is only increasing. :grin:


It’s nice. I’ll get some comparison photos and post them. It’s a different thing from the metal Harbinger. Workhorse has a D bearing, it has more rim weight, it’s heavier (mine says 54.19g on my scale), slightly wider gap. We’re working on a v2 proto right now, haven’t seen the renderings yet, but the weight is going a bit lower, but the weight distribution is getting shifted, and the catch zone is getting modified.



Renderings and Profile for v.2 were posted in the Boomer thread.


Sick flex.

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