That's knot Magic - Yo-yo Tutorial

See what I did there ;D punny…
Here’s a fun little tutorial I made that doubles for the rethinkyoyo tutorial contest! Nice trick, I enjoy it and I hope you do too:) Step 5 is the hardest in my opinion, so if you’re having trouble re-watch it and if you still can’t get it message me and i’ll try to help! Enjoy! Used a Cascade;)

WOW, brilliant idea!
If you hide that string in hand very nicely in a performance , the audience will be surprised :smiley:

HEY! I did something like that in my video “Conner 2011”

It’s a small world XD

Thanks man:) I like this trick a lot, glad you like it too!

It truly is:)

I just learned this.

A couple small comments: It was well filmed, explained, and put together. Best of all, its fun as heck!

Thanks for sharing.

I learned your trick it is sooo much fun great job I hope you win the rethink contest

My tip to you, make the slider with words a bit longer, especially the ones with a lot written.

Hey thanks man. Feedback is always appreciated :slight_smile: I thought about that, and I realized they were a little short cause other parts were timed with the music, but I figured people could pause it and read… oh well. Thanks though!