Hey everybody, you know when I did the poll with the two pictures? Well, that was to decide which one i would enter in the congressional art competition! I WON!!! So in June I get to go to WASHINGTON D.C. !!! Thanks guys.
It will be in the cannon tunnel for a YEAR so you can go see it when they put it up in may, it is the 1st district winner for ca.


Post 'em!

And congratulations!


Great news. Congrats.


That’s awesome dude!! Congrats!!


the things you can do with carpet, a nice camera, and a yoyo!



No way! Awesome!


and it was in my CLOSET!!!


Hey, don’t say that too loud he might be offended, go thank your closet ;), and congratulations!!


that light right above the yoyo really did it I think. congrats man! you deserved it!

(WildCat23) #10

That’s awesome!


Awesome! Par-tay on!


Congrats in June I will make sure to go to DC (it’s only an hour from where I live) also when in D.C the smithsonian or natural history is super cool you got to check it out! By the way you might want to spend a whole entire day there because that museum is HUGE. Also congrats man thats awesome!


the photos will be up on the 26th. I’ll be there.


That’s an awesome picture, but you should’ve used an American-made yoyo.


You should tell Chris I’m sure he’ll love the free advertisement :wink:



I go to Washington all the time (grandmother and other relatives).

I hope to see it!!