Check it out

These two came out the best, then edited a little in photoshop. Feedback/constructive criticism is appreciated! O0

the second one if awesome… Its like to big red bullies bareing down on you…

Give me you lunch money punk

haha, love them! Great themes in both! ;D


Lighting in the first is perfect.

Agreed :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! The first one is my favorite. Great morning for shooting some pictures for sure!

Yeah, you did a very nice job!

on the first one did you wait 32705402357 years for the planets to align and miss then wait another 32705402357 years to get it right?

No, I don’t think that’s it.


Haha, I wish that was the case… That would make the pic even more epic!

Washington just has some awesome sun light every once in awhile. Not anymore though… the clouds have come to stay for awhile.