what i did in photo shop

i was just messing around

That looks weird.

keep spinning


Wicked in fact. Completely wicked.

Addment: THAT IS ART

wow, that looks pretty cool

Wait - Is that David Mellons?

Also, great job 8)

yup thats david with his double dice freehand ty everyone


EVERYONE if you want to i need sum sweet action photos for my photo class if you could post a pic of yourself some where so i can edit it with photo shop if you want i will email a final edit for you plus tell me how you want it edited remember the more motion u have happening the better try not to have to much blur though i suggest you video tape your self doin cool slacks or grinds anything then just go into a video editing program and just snap shots from the video so you dont have to worry about timing send me a message or a link to your pics ill will send them back to you or post them here at YYE TY to anyone who sends me pics

Here are two. Basically the same shot but one has motion blur and the other doesn’t.

hey thanks man if there is anything in particular you want me to do i will c about it and i will probably work on this tomorrow in my class :smiley:

Nothing specific. I’m fairly proficient in photoshop as well so if I had something in mind I would have done it.

I would like your creativity to shine through! I’m just supplying a base.

lol cool this is my like 5th time ever using photo shop so >.<

EDIT: the lesson was to use the burn and doge tool :smiley: