took some pictures :D

let me know hwat you guys think! Love -RED

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Those are pretty awesome. I really like the second one.

Yeah, these are really cool. I love the second one as well.

But wrong section.

thanks, now i just need to figure out how to put them on my profile

Wow amazing man

The second one looks like it could be the cover of a yoyo magazine/poster! it is really cool! Is it ok if I save it on my Pictures? :stuck_out_tongue:

im Flattered ;D and thanks guys!!

got really boreddd!!! hope you guys like them! if you want me to edit a photo for you just lmk send a pm and ill give u my email.

How did you take the second one? It looks really amazing.

with a regular camera, i used befunky to edit them. At

Holy Mother of HDR, Batman.

YoRED, do you use Reddit?

noooo… Whats reddit?


is it like tumbler?