I’m in d.c. Anyone here?


I am not but I am about an hour away from there if I have the time and convince my mom we could probably meet up some where. Oh yeah and I think Ann Connolly lives in DC but I thinks it’s on the Virginia side because I have never seen here but I think she does it says she live there on the YYF website.


nah, I’m just seeing who is here, don’t drive that far.


I may be going in a few weeks, but I’m not there at the moment.


okay but while your in DC check out the smithsonian! Especially the natural history one they have an insect zoo in there it’s really cool! (I should know my dad used to voulenter there) But you can’t see all of it in one day so enjoy what you can see there. Also American history Museum is great too. (you get to see the flag that flew over fort Henry in there) But the best part of the museums is there free in DC!


went to the American history museum yesterday. Oh, and I got to go on the floor of the house and touch the speakers desk. That was awesome.



Like that?