NJ and NY at Nats

I was looking at where all these people lived. I expected for no one to be anywhere near NJ… and saw that some one was from NJ and one other person was from NY. Cool!

Haha same i was surpised to see that maids lives here in ny im pretty happy about that but he lives upstate so thats another thrower to the list on 4 i already know in ny lol

Do you go to Nyyyc?

i would but there hasnt been one in 4 years

What are you talking about? There is one every sunday at Washington Square Park- look at their FB page.

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I’m planning on going to a meet sometime- if I can get my dad to druive me down.

too far away and not many people go i live on long island washington square is a hour and a half drive i might go in a few months when i do my yearly nyc visit

Haha ok. My dad sais it is like a 40 minute drive from our house…

lucky what part are you from?

Im in Bergen County NJ. It is up in north Jersey. I know how lucky I am to live close to a club…But it really doesn’t matter because my dad won’t take me… He keeps saying that he will sometime, but he never does. Maybe next week!

haha good luck

yo…ny throwers cool. I actually started a club, its mostly new kids right now that I am teaching. you guys anywhere near Hopewell Junction?

(club fb page: https://www.facebook.com/NYSkillShop)

sadly im not near there i have to get a long island club started