any yoyors in nyny

(Henry Perez) #1

i felll like im the only person iin ny that yoyos

(Henry Perez) #2

any were in the bronx would be cool or manhatten or brokklen or by central park queenns stanisland

(Ellie) #3

i am in brooklyn


No need to double post, you can just hit the modify button. :wink:

(Henry Perez) #5

h ok thanks and cool u live in brooklin sweet u want to hang

(Ellie) #6

There are meets at the George Washington statue near the square


whens the next meeting?


im in the bronx


oh oh i bet you cant figure out where i live. jk i live in staten island. we should start a club or something


Heyhey! there is quite a number of NY throwers.

As Liz mentioned there is quite often meets in Union Sq on Sundays between 2-4pm, you’ll find out more specific details and such on another forum. PM me if you want to know more.



im in the bronx too, 2 train line northeast bronx