Thank you JM!

I know all of you know who JM is. I also know that all of you like him. Well I do to. I just wanted to
say thank you for all the things you have done for this forum, the yoyo community and for me personally.
You have built me two websites for two different contests without any payment at all. Not only that but you are maintaining them for free as well. It takes a lot of love for this community and a good grade to do things like that.
I know that you have a life and possibly a busy one with all the new games coming out but thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are truly a brother to me!

Yay JM! He’s really nice.

Yeah, thank you JM, you’ve done a lot for this forum! You do a lot of stuff behind the scenes.

He are awesome yet.

JM is awesome. He has helped this forum alot. :wink:

JM is ridiculous!

I don’t like jm… jk, how could you not like him, he tends to be very helpful. It must come natural to him lol. In fact it’s time for a star treck quote

jk your good too icthus, just couldn’t resist. It’s one of the most memorable lines in star treck. Been a while sense i watched one of those though…

I watch the old star trek episodes too! LOL

Hey! That’s supposed to be a secret! Now everyone knows I’m not really busy.

Thanks for all the love YYE! You guys make it easy.

And Casey, you’re welcome.

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i was wonering when you’d find this thread.

What does it matter?

it doesn’t, but does it matter if it matters? seriously

hey jm thanks for clearing up that profile mishapp for the feedback and whatnot. you really make a difference on the forums and chat room. thanks alot ;D

Thanks for all that you do JM, please, keep it up (you too Icthus) :slight_smile: