Anybody play terraria? (Sorry if I’m spelling it wrong) I know that there was already a thread like this about minecraft. I saw that terraria was on ios for 5$, so I decided to get it after watching reviews and stuff. Haven’t put it down since. It is alot like minecraft, but I have to say, I think that I like it more. Anybody else play terraria?

Oh shoot I meant to put this in unrelated.

The exact reason I haven’t thrown much in recent weeks is because I got a new Ipad 4 and have been playing Xcom, Asphalt 8, and Terraria in my free time. I’ve only thrown when I need to get my head out of the computer at work.

I don’t visit the other forum, though.

  1. Terraria is AMAZING. 10x better than MineCraft in my opinion. No idea how it would translate to tablets, but on PC it’s one of the best indie games ever made.

  2. One of the original designers of Terraria (but not the same company) is working on a new game called Starbound and it looks to be about 10x better than Terraria. Release date unannounced, except it’s been promised to be within 2013. Honestly I feel like that’s a lie, but the beta should be out by the end of the year and if you pre-order, you get beta access, so that’s good enough for me.

Minecraft is better than terraria in my opinion. Minecraft is a 3d based game as where terraria is a 2d scrolling game.

I used to play Terraria quite a bit…but then I started throwing. LOL. It is fun though. I have played Minecraft on a phone before, and I think that it looks a lot harder to control. Given, it was on a phone, but I like the 2D of Terraria more than the 3D of Minecraft. Plus Terraria is cheaper. LOL.

I have a friend who plays Terraria (Tarraria?). It looked cool. But I never really played/had an interest in it. Is there a place to get/try it for free? I already play mc, so it’d have to be a pretty good game for me to invest :smiley:

i used to love terraria but then i made it to the nd of the game and then it wasnt fun anymore

Its only 10$ on PC and 5$ on IOS

Just beat the eye if Icthu! Cool!

I’ve logged about 30 hours into Terraria on the PC. It gets to the point where it gets boring having to grind for Adamantite for Hallowed Armor. Been waiting for 1.2 to be released, everyone assumed it would come out in July but it keeps being pushed back because they’re adding more and more items.

yea terarias fun for awhile and then it gets old and its not so much fun anymore

but its an awesome game until it gets boring

Im just about to summon the eater of worlds. Any tips?

um well keep him a way from your npcs and if you have a gravetation poition stay above him and shoot as much as you can the rest you kinda have to figure out yourslef

Ok. I think im going to use shurekins because I have about 200.

ok that should work until you run out ;D ;D ;D

Ok ill have lots of arrows on me too.

oj Good Luck

I still havent summoned him yet. I got sidetracked because l broke one of them orb thingys in the corruption and then a goblin army came and i died like 3 times and all of my NCPs died. Then a meteor came down and i went to mine it but it took forever because of the meteor head guys who were so annoying! Then I made one of them crazy meteorite axe sword hammer things, and then I went and killed a bunch of eaters of souls and big eaters and small eaters, then collected about 10 rotten chunks, so if i get 5 more i can summon the eater of worlds!

did you get rocket boots from the goblin army?