Terrapin X VS OD 10 ball

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Which bearing would you recommend?

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Bump of awesome


PERSONALLY I don’t find Terrapins to be worth the extra money. I would say just try two cheaper bearings for the same or comparable price (i.e. Crucial grove and the OD 10 ball)

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So does the stainless version of the Terrapin play about the same as a OD 10 ball?


ive played with both and have been yoyoing for about a year.
I would highly recommend the OD10 ball…it is soooo quite!
I have a problem with bearing noise as i find it too annoying. The OD10 ball is whisper quite and butter smooth…Also doesnt really need any maintenance apart from the drop of lube here n there.


I personally have never played the stainless version, only the ceramic, sorry.


I have played the stainless steel version, and it is really a wonder to play. For me it spins about twice as long as a ten ball and just as smooth. The only thing is that the terrapin x bearing isn’t as reliable as a ten ball.

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Is the Stainless Terrapin 10 ball?


There are some that are ten ball, but the one that I had was an 8 ball


All C size Terrapin X bearings are now 10 ball.

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If the wing cut was part of the comparison, that would win me every time. The subtle centering was my favorite feature or Terripin and what the lack thereof is what i dislike most from OD10’s


Yes the ceramic 10 ball Wing Cut is my top of the line competition bearing, glad you like it.

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I own 3 of those bad boys, so yeah, love em! Your dry lube is BEAST also, but you know this :wink: THANKS!


Terrapin x is my go to. Up there with kk


Keep in mind ceramic 10 ball bearings cost a bit more then steel ones
but they last 5 times longer.


Sorry if a bit of a side note, but your dry lube is fine for steel, ceramic, and hybrid?

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I use it for any type. the performance of the free spin of the bearing still on the tool after a proper lube job is unmatched.


Yes this is true.
Terrapin X ceramic 10 balls are treated with it and never need more