Terrapin X Dry Play on the inner race

I’m sure that many of you have used Terrapin X Dry Play, and you know that you apply it to the outer race. I decided to do some experimenting and try to apply it to the inner race as well as the outer race, and I had great results. I got about 5 - 10 extra seconds of spin time on a flick.

  1. Clean your bearing using your desired method
  2. Apply a SMALL (much less than you think) amount of Dry play on the outer race
  3. Start working the Dry Play in by spinning your bearing
  4. Put a drop of acetone/mineral spirits into your bearing to help spread the Dry Play around
  5. Spin your bearing around some more until it spins smoothly
  6. Apply an even smaller amount of Dry Play to the inner race
  7. Repeat steps 3 - 5
  8. Enjoy your now awesome bearing

If you just add it to the INSIDE of the bearing, it will end up on both races anyways, and the balls of the ball bearing, which is what you want anyways.

Also: The instructions are to use acetone, NOT mineral spirits.

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I need to get an eye dropper or something to get that small drop in there, I get it done but not efficiently.

Get a glass one so the acetone won’t eat the plastic.

I didn’t realize that the balls would transfer it to the inner race anyways. But why do you think I was getting more spin time?

More thorough coverage. You add a bit, spread it, add more, spread it. Thin it, spread it.

That’s how it goes. Now you know why I like the stuff so much!

And why I’m really starting to like it. It takes some practice though. The first four or five times I used it, it slowed down the bearing a ton.

Glad you figured it out, takes a bit of messing with at first.
Not quiet like just a drop of oil, but most people can get it.