Terrapin WingCut Drytreated 10 ball bearing review

Fjh (John) was very kind to send me a Drytreated WingCut 10 ball bearing. I have the Terrapin X dry lube, and love it. I have heard great things about his bearings, and was thinking about purchasing a couple. After trying this one, I will for sure!

This bearing has a very small groove in the middle, it’s barely visible. This groove, while not apparent, is very helpful. On almost every throw, the string was dead in the middle. This keeps the string away from the response, like a CT, while still playing like a flat. IMO, it’s the best of both worlds.
John has come up with an amazing formula, Drylube. It is a powder that is applied to a bearing. It increases spin time, without the cons of being dry or lubed with wet lube. I love the stuff, I’ve even applied it to my RC bearings. The bearing is not super quiet, like a brand new OD 10 ball. Nor is it loud, like a dry CT. It is in the middle, not too loud or silent. Some associate loud with gritty, which is false. This bearing, while it is louder than I would like, is super smooth.

Overall, this bearing is amazing. While it isn’t silent, this bearing was made for a player. You won’t care how quiet your bearing is when you’re rocking it on the stage.

Thanks for reading, I would appreciate some constructive critisism.

I’ve also been exceptionally pleased with the Terrapin X products. I’ve recently purchased 10 Wing Cut 10-Ball steel bearings.

A note about the Dry Play:

Applying Dry Play is a skill that takes a little bit of time to learn. You also need acetone. The worse case scenario is that you can simply clean it out with acetone and start over. Appling the right amount, working it in, removing the excess, then using some acetone to help spread it around isn’t difficult. After doing 2-3 bearings, you should have it figured out.

Of those 10, 6 will be going in my DM2’s, replacing 4 of those that already have the older 8-ball wing cut bearings. The other two haven’t been “standardized” yet, one being the new Ghost DM2.

The other 4… hard to say where those will go.

I have a Ceramic S/C 10-Ball in my H3X. That was the ideal bearing in that yoyo for me.

Most of my bearings, as they get cleaned, are Dry Play treated. Yes, it’s not dead silent, but it’s not super loud. It’s a sound I listen for, so I know when my bearing is treated properly.

I wish I had such good luck. I wanted to like the bearings but I had issues with the one I had.

Graphite is an amazing bearing lube and I’m glad John had brought that to the scene I use it and enjoy my bearings run through a few times with johns magic (graphite) powder and will continue to use it because it’s.s great.alternative to wet lube.

Maybe one day I’ll give terrain and John another try but for now I’ll pass on his bearings and keep using his magic powder.

What type of bearing do you have?
Contact John about it, he stands behind his product 100% and will repair or replace it.

I know you have a problem that you told me about and I don’t mind that you never sent the bearing back
But my dry lube has no graphite in it at all.


I was wondering about that.

Thanks J Singh 2K for the nice review. I have sent you one of the new TX Delta 10 ball dryplay
bearings. perhaps you could do a comparison.

Sweet! I will and thank you very much.

Disregard the quote for just a minute. I just wanted to say that I’ve tried every bearing on the market except gold bearings, and Terrapin Wing Cuts are by far my favorite. I own an 8 Ball Ceramic Wing Cut and a 10 Ball Stainless Steel Wing Cut, and they are both amazing. For the longest time both were absolutely silent but just recently began to make a little noise. I don’t use my drylube, but I am cleaning them at the moment in acetone. If they go back to being silent then that’s great, but if not that’s cool too. They aren’t any louder than my 10 ball CT. The only thing that I would like to see is the dip in the new 10 balls be reverted back to the depth that the 8 balls were. The 8 ball ceramic I have has a much more noticeable dip than the 10 ball wing cut, and I like it more. I guess it’s all preference though, but Terrapins are my absolute favorite bearing.

Anyway, I posted to ask where can I find information on the new Delta Terrapins? I’ve never heard of them.

I did send you the bearing back. I never heard from you so I thought you received it case closed.

I did ask you about it and this was your reply:

“Idk I sent it out. My post office has issues, Ive had alot of troubles in the last few months. I really don’t know what else to say.”

Everyone knows how unreliable the USPS is… so have fun with it.
Merry Christmas…