Terrapin Ceramic Delta cut question -merged-

I just got a Terrapin Ceramic Delta Cut, I used full length Blur Print string, and the yoyo doesn’t sleep 3.5 minuets when ROLLED of the hand liked it said, Is there a problem with it?

Any bearing will sleep for 3.5 minutes when rolled off your hand.

He used the pinch the string and twist technique (you pinch the string near the base and depending on which direction you twist it the yoyo evens out).

  1. Find a mirror

  2. Look in the mirror

  3. You just found the problem

It is not just equipment. It is how well you can put it to use.

Example… If you got Tiger Woods favorite set of Golf clubs for your Birthday; does that mean you could play better Golf?

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Hey again,
My delta has n0w stopped spinning all together! it is jammed and grimy, I cleaned it with pain thinner for 2 minuets and lubed it, I played for an hour and no luck.

I have had similar problems with the Terrapin bearings. I was not able to fix the bearings. 2/4 of my Tx bearings are like that

You are not supposed to lube ceramic bearings. My delta ceramics are going strong and all I do to them is

  1. Use them
  2. Leave them alone

To repeat what has been said. The problem you are having is in the mirror