Ten yoyo drop bear

If anyone has this yoyo please send me a pm and what you would sell it for

It’s a great throw. Not selling mines.

I just bought one off ten yoyo’s site. I’ve heard yoyoexpert will be getting some soon. Why not just buy one? They don’t seem to be impossible to get.


Yea, it would be pretty easy to just get one off of their site.

Might pick one up myself, the igr looks pretty sick.

I thought only like 30 were made? Are they making more? Looks really epic.

I know they had 11 protos, since I have #3 of 11 of the black protos. I think they made more than 30 of the final run though. They have been available on the site for a few weeks now and are still in stock on the site in all colorways plus in limited colors on another site.

I have #8 of 11.