Rarity of the YoyoJam Jamboo?

OK, I recently aquired a YYJ Jamboo in a trade. I might do a review later, but to start, I think it deserves more than it got. I really like it.

Well, I was wondering how rare it was, I know it’s limited edition, but do people know how many were made?

I’ve heard 75, half dark half light
I’ve heard 200

What have you heard?

Rarity doesn’t really merit anything if no one cares. I had a Mint, one of the many BBYY prototypes and only 14 of them were reported to be made, the highest I ever saw one go was $40.

Normally rarity only holds true to yoyos that are already expensive and popular like CLYW’s or SPYY’s. Yoyojam isn’t really going to be getting you any more bang for your resale buck considering the mindset of buyers these days.

Btw, Sorry for the Off-topic. What is prototype?, A model of a New-released yo-yo?, Or what?

Its the yoyo a company makes before officially making it, for players to test. If the results are good, the make it, if they aren’t, they either don’t make it, or change it.

Actually the mint was produced from a design made by Mountodinman, but that’s neither here nor there.

The topic, lets get back on it, and ride it.

its practicly a rough draft of a yoyo they make it and if everything comes out correct they make more and usually the metal yoyo prototypes are raw then they anodize it

I think he just wants to know how rare it is, not a dollar amount.

Sorry I don’t have an answer for ya.