Ten things I learned in the first 15 seconds of owning a "real" throw.

I started this part of my yoyoing career with an old Journey. I made it through almost everything in the intermediate section and just got a Too Hot.
This is what I learned in the first 15 seconds of playing with it.

  1. I can’t bind.
  2. It’s so much more smooth than my old throw.
  3. No really, I can’t bind.
  4. I can’t snap start. Or spin start. Or any other start.
  5. Still can’t bind
  6. The low walls make it really easy to get out tangles.
  7. I thought I could bind, but it turns out that the Journey was way more responsive than I realized.
  8. The spin time on this thing is way better than the Journey.
  9. I’m going to have to learn to bind.
  10. A ten item list was probably overly ambitious.

The Too HOT was a great choice.

  1. You’ll learn.
  2. Welcome to metals.
  3. No really, you’ll learn.
  4. Worry about #1 and #3 on this list first.
  5. Practice.
  6. #6 on your list was purely just an observation. I’ll make one too: my dog likes treats.
  7. That’ll happen. Get a tight bind down early. Pinch string with NTH, lift with TH, release pinch with NTH toward yoyo when you feel the catch.
  8. Too HOT is a long sleeper in my book. I can consistently do some pretty long combos with it no trouble that don’t always end smoothly on some other yoyos.
  9. Yes.
  10. A ten item response might have been a tad on the ambitious side as well.
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For some reason your explanation clicked in a way that all the videos didn’t.
Now I can bind a little. It’s ugly as sin, but it seems to work.

Now to learn some starts.

Really, it was only a five item list. The 10 doesn’t count, the repeated the bind one 5 times so only one counts. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

for a guy who tries to be humorous zorro you totally missed the fact that morgoroth was tyring to be humorous too…

anyway morgoroth youll get better… i remember when i went from a shaqlerstar to a 2012 genesis… it was the most amazing thing, but i realized i needed to get better.

it all takes time and practice and after lots of time and practice youll eventually get it down and be cruisin in the binds with the rest of us.

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I’ve already improved some. You guys just make it look so easy on the Internet :slight_smile:

your bind seems still not that peerfect yet
as always, keep practicing bro


I’m trying to act like he’s being serious to be funny, bro. You just don’t seem to get nuffin’

I thought this when I was at the same point. After that I started filming tricks and trying to get myself out there. It was at that time that I realized that even a 15 second Instagram video can take an un-Godly amount of time to hit the trick, then hit it smoothly and in frame. Most recently, for the Fixed Axle Challenge, I actually spent about 8 hours hitting a tough trick, just for 15 seconds of good film. I don’t speak for anyone else, but this has been my experience. Keep your head up, keep practicing. I’m still nowhere near as good as I’d like or even as good as many others that have been yoyoing as long as I have, but I have a great time working hard at it. And for me, that’s what it’s all about. Happy throwing!

Also, if I’m remembering correctly, your avatar is a very old M:TG card. Kudos.

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There are those who call me… Tim?
Yep Prodigal Sorcerer.

Good ol’ Tim. “I’mma Tim your Raging Goblin”. Hahah!

So binding… do the pinching thing. But don’t be afraid to hold onto it…lightly, but without attempting to “drop it at the right moment” or anything.

If your NTH is more “forward” from the yoyo and your TH is more “backward”, give yourself a medium-sized loop and pull back and sort of up (but not much) with the TH… when the bind catches, it will pull the loop from your light pinch without you having to do anything. It’ll just happen.

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I used to work at a yoyo shop, here’s a little trick
I use to teach people how to bind, it usually works
in a couple of tries.

oh yes and enjoy the very non matching audio

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

PS…anyone knows how on earth do i embed youtube videos into forum posts?? ???

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Greg - Not my raging goblin!

Brain - The audio really brings the video together.

Thanks guys! I think it’s the moving both hands thing that was throwing me.
It’s sort of like driving a stick. Now that I have the motion down it seems to be working a lot better.

Now on to the hand/snap starts!

I found this video. While it’s not instructional, it is pretty impressive!

I love how the dude’s just puffing away on a cigarette. Then some little kid takes over the video. I assume these were the impressive parts of the video you spoke of.

Of course!
I can’t even walk and chew gum at the same time.
Even if I did smoke I’d never be able to throw AND smoke!

Brian- Copy the link, then remove the first “s”
That will embed the video.

So it didn’t take long, but I have the basics of binding down, and I gotta say, this throw was 3 times the price of my Journey, but 10 times the yoyo.

The Too Hot is awesome. It sleeps for forever and I have a list of tricks I got in the first or second try with this, that I could never do with the Journey.

A bunch of the repeater tricks I could only do the first part of before the journey died, and now I can run something like matrix all day–or at least till I screw it up.

With binds down I’m working on hand and snap starts.
Greg P’s Video was helpful, but for some reason this seems like it’s way harder than it should be.

When I first learned snap starts, my focus was on the snap. Turns out, the snap is secondary. It’s helpful for binding-- the faster you can get it spinning, the more it’s like a “normal” bind.


Turns out that the more important thing is the string. If you have a slow, wobbly spin because you’re just not good at snapping yet (and heck, sometimes mine still come out slow and are almost always at least a bit wobbly!), you want to make it so that you’ve got pretty much ALL loop. TH near the yoyo. Then hold that pinch and SLOWLY AND DELIBERATELY pull back/up with the TH. If the yoyo doesn’t have enough spin to wind all the way back up to your hand, the moment you feel it “catch/bind”, you do a little tug. That’ll get it the rest of the way.

But like most things yoyo… it takes hecka practice.

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I’m confused about the “Loop” part though?
How am I supposed to hold the string?

If you’ve been binding, you’ve been holding a loop. Not sure what else to call it. The part that your non-throw-hand is pinching when you do the bind.