Temporarily Short String

How do I make string temporarily short while doing tricks? For instance, if i wanted to do eli hops my string is way to long to do it fast and it goes way to high. I see alot of players making there string temporarily short on stage. It can also be seen when they do horizontal tricks. I’m pretty sure they wrap the string around their hand, but whenever i try it doesn’t feel right. Anybody have any ideas?

I would think wrapping it around your hand would be correct because I have seen it done for 3A Assisted Brain Twister. Or you could try doing it from an around the arm trapeze.

Yup. Wrapping it around the palm of your hand or 2 or 3 of your fingers (I prefer fingers) is the way to go. Just roll your wrist a few times and the string will wrap around. Should help you gain control in a lot of tricks.

I often purposely mess up a wrist whip and will get a knot around my hand. Shortens the string a bit.