The other time i posted, i didn’t get anywhere for this trick. Anyone have tips for not getting the string wrapped around my hand?

I seriously don’t think it has to do with my timing, the loop just goes around my hand, and gets shorter, no matter how i time it. Any tips?

(D@§h!zn!t) #2

Try grabbing the string as close to the yo-yo as you can. That is what helps me a little.

(system) #3

What I do, is I pinch the string with my thumb instead of grabbing the whole string with my throwhand.

(Ryan) #4

i think string tension matters alot in this trick…
so you need a good tension…
and i usually pinch with the tip of my thumb so the string cant really wrap around my hand…
and also when you are doing it make sure you let go of the pinch midway when it wants to whip and then catch it again with your tip…
And most important thing dont make the iron whip motion because it wont work just face your hand to the front…

i hope i help lol

i think i have to much “and” there


I learned the trick from this video it’s realy one of those tricks you just get but I recommend pinching with your thumb.-