Leg Wrap Trap :-( Stuck


I found myself skipping over the Leg Wrap Trap trick because I wasn’t getting it. It just feel awkward to me. I came back to it after I printed out the trick list. But when I try this, it feels like I am almost throwing with the wrong hand. I’m getting nowhere with it, but will not give up. Does anyone have advice, or a similar story for this trick. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to cross this off my list so bad. Thanks


For me, shorter string helps (don’t hit the ground as much and smaller radius going around)…


The same thing happened to me but the way to make it feel comfortable is to do it over and over again.


It’s really all about timing, letting the string wrap just enough, but not too much, before changing position. It also takes a fair amount of confidence because it needs to be done in one fluent movement. I like to do it directly from a breakaway throw, since it gives it the proper momentum. And like anything, just takes practice. I happen to really love this trick, I hope you get it down swiftly and smoothly!!! Best of luck.


Thanks to you all. Still having a tough time. But I am determined to get it down and cross it off my list. I appreciate the tips. :peace_symbol:

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One thing that helped me when I first learned it is I grabbed the string with my throw hand to shorten the string a bit. Also you just need the confidence that you CAN do it. If you try to make yourself believe you can do it I have found that it helps. Hope I have helped you! :grin:


I notice that Andre does that a lot in his teaching video as well. He always seems to shorten the string that way.


i skipped as well and because of this post im going back at it. And i have a bruise on my left shin to show im not quite perfect at it yet!