tell me everything you can about 2A!

ok so ive had some Nxgs and now i got me some raiders(was told they were modded but im pretty sure they’re not) and i cant seem for the life of me to be able to get them to work right!

heres what im doing
slightly shorty than average stringi dont know how short to make them though

and that is all i really know how to do right

this is what i need to know

what are some good tips for keeping it consistant
i know about the tilit control but what should i do to keep it there?

how should i hold my hand during looping?

what knuckle should i tie it to?

ANY tips on learing to do this the most efficiently

and if i think of anything else ill post it

thanks guys!

Different players use different length string.
For me, I take a standard length string and measure a pointer fingers length down the string from the loop and tie the new loop there.
Works well for me.

Practice makes perfect.
Make sure that the motion for the loops is coming from your wrist mostly.
You don’t want to move your arm much.

Hand should be loose. Don’t tighten your fingers together. Fingers apart and everything loose and relaxed.

I put my strings between the first and 2nd knuckle.

Other help and advice:

Good luck!