Basic 2A help...


Been doing 1A for about a year and I like to think I’m somewhat proficient at it. I would now like to go into 2A and bought some basic yoyos for the job.

2 Yomega Fireballs, unmodded(I’ve been experimenting with a duncan friction sticker on one half of each)
Single loop around the transaxle
Lubed with vaseline.
36" string

my main issue is consistency in basic loops. What happens is the yoyo begins to flop after the first regen.

When I play 1A, I like the string all the way to the joint of my finger as opposed to the popular teaching of putting it in the middle of the finger. I’ve noticed that my 2A problems diminish(but not disappear!) when move the string to the middle of my finger.

Is it my throw? String placement? Yoyo? String length?

In the mean time, I’m going to try to adjust my throw

Thanks a bunch,

If your using the slip knot, is the part where there’s two strings on top? I’m pretty sure that’s what Andre said to do in one of his videos. This might help a little.

Fireballs are a good shape for looping. My only dislike was how unresponsive it was, and how it would “stall” at the end of the string during a loop.

When I had mine, I used Vaseline and ground down the transaxles to narrow the gap. They worked fine.

But keep using new strings, and try using the middle of your middle finger some more. You get much more movement out of the ONE place the yo-yo is attached.

And when you are just starting out, most of your problems are caused by inexperience, and lack of practice. So just keep with it if you want to keep improving.



Thanks a lot for the helpful tips. I think I might start with the one I clipped above. Yeah, I’ve found that to be a bit annoying, also.
Now what would be a good amount to sand the transaxle down to? Or is this one of those things like string length that I should play with until I’m comfortable?

Thanks again,

Start with ten light circles one each side of the transaxle on 100 grit sandpaper on both sides.

And play with it for at least a day before you change it again. And be absolutely SURE a narrower gap is what you need before you irreversibly change the transaxle (symptoms: loops going up, and the yo-yo still stalling at the end of a loop).

Also, can you clarify what you meant there?

Happy looping!


Working on the transaxle modification now…

In the mean time, can you recommend any decent 2A yoyos that I can pick up for < $30 total? I’ve heard really good things about the YYF loop 900s and am willing to spring for those given enough motivation.
Anyone have any experience with the following?
YYF Loop 900
YYJ Unleashed
Yomega Raider(I know of the modification to them)
-Raider EX?


Wow. I just re-watched Andre’s intro videos for looping, specifically the string length one. He mentioned that shorter strings allow for more control. This made me do some experiments with string length and I’ve confirmed this. Shorter strings give me more control and thus more consistency with my loops!

I’m now throwing with about 32 inches of string.