My 2a journey

It’s been a good 5 weeks since I started and it has been a challenging, and at times frustrating, journey. It took 4 weeks to be able to loop with good technique and build up a  consistent 50-100 loop run with each hand individually. Last weekend I started looping with both hands at the same time and this is where I stand.

I know for sure I need to work on minimizing all the arm movement that came about when I started looping with both hands. That I will work in for the next week.

Tell me what you think.

What yoyos are those

2 YoyoJam Unleashed’s

I think you should not use all-poly string (this is an assumption I have because of how well the string showed up on the video). It burns when used on a starburst yo-yo (like an Unleashed), and it tears the skin off of your finger if you play it for more than 3 hours straight…

…which you need to do to get the feeling down.

I would also move the string loop closer to the fingertip. You have a bigger range of motion, and more control and ability to fine-tune the loop if you use the middle of your finger.

And just give it time. Keep it up. A good tool is to do 100 loops a day. If you still want to play 2A some more and learn something new, do more. But keep accumulating experience daily, and you will improve without realizing it.

Learn outside loops or hops if you ever get “bored”.


I am using 100% poly. I just bought 2 100-packs of each color you see because it was all there was at the store I bought the yoyos from. What would be the better string to use for 2a? Cotton? 50/50?

I just use the bottom of my index finger because that’s what I use for 1a. Looping seems fine using this spot in my finger, but if it’s better in the long run to relocate the string, I’ll make the change.

I plan on learning all that I can with 2a. I’ve worked a little bit with hop the fence, planet hops, and shoot the moon. I haven’t tried outside loops yet, but as cool as 2-handed alternating outside/inside loops looks I will for sure be learning that this summer. It will be a summer of full 2a exploration.

The one reason I decided to finally start learning 2a was because I am kinda stuck with the same 1a tricks I’ve come up with for the past month and a half. This is my break to experience the excitement of “YESSSSS I FINALLY GOT IT!!!l” feeling again learning something new and is pretty challenging.