2A String

So I´m learning Looping right now (ATM still with 1 Hand at a Time), and I´m getting better at it. I have a problem tho. I use 100% Poly Strings from YYF, and for the first few Minutes it´s fine! and i can loop pretty ok… After a while the String wears out a little more, and i can´t get even close to the same amount of Loops compared to the beginning where the string was still fresh. This happens after just a few minutes… A LOT faster than with 1A. So my Question is, is there a way to prevent that? I m from germany so its hard to get a lot of the String brands, but is there maybe Kitty string for 2A wich is better?

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50/50 is the standard I think.

To make things easier for all 2A players, refer to my thread. It has a lot of the information you need.

The string will wear out eventually and you can’t prevent that. 2A is a style where you have to change strings very often. You don’t need anything fancy for string; I recommend 50/50 when you’re starting out.
Usually for me when I’m working on loops, it lasts me about 30 or so minutes. So get ready to change a lot.

Also, keep your loopers lubed.

If you don’t mind me asking, what loopers do you have?

I´m using 1080´s… okay, so string just wears out faster in 2A… i see, also i will look into 50/50 string, i just have 100% Poly right now

I have 100%poly on my loopers.


Had them on the 900’s since i got them…

I have a feeling you don’t loop that often.

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I change out my strings as soon as the bounce is gone. You can actually feel a sort of clunk at the ends of the string. Bounce is gone, string is dead= about every 20 minutes.

String is dirt cheap… Change it.

I use white 100 percent YYE poly.

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50/50 is better due to the starburst response

I am not disagreeing with you, because I am sure not any kind of string expert. But could you explain why you think 50/50 ‘is better due to the starburst response’?

Just curious?

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Starburst eats up poly i think

There’s no difference, really. Either way whether you use 50/50 or 100% poly it will still degrade over time. It’s unavoidable.
The only difference is the ‘feel’ and whether that player likes one string type or the other.