Tell me about the JT Adel

I’m just interested to have your thoughts on the JT Adel if you’ve ever used. I have a FiReal, and I really like it, so I want to know how it stacks up against it. Thanks.

Im getting the feeling that the Adel is one yoyo that moone has tried or even talks about at all…

I played with Bryan’s at Spindox a little while ago and it was super good but it’s tough to justify the price.

Just not worth the price, you’re saying?

Actually correct in my instance.:nerd_face:

‘Adel is a Yoyo that moone has tried or even talks about’.

Simple; I am ‘Mo’ and I am ‘one’ and I haven’t tried it🤔

I have been told that it is really hard to unscrew. < which could obviously not thrill some folks.

JT make some good stuff.

Even Nathan said it was really good but he couldn’t justify the price.

As often as not; Yoyo prices are a subjective thing.