Team Yoyojam Apprentice


Just wanted to officially announce on the forums that I am now an apprentice on Team Yoyojam!


Great. Congrats to you.




Congrats man!

Seeing your picture, I just realized we met at the Redondo Beach meet! You definitely have skills.


Right on! Congrats!


Great job, what do you do for it?


Congrats! I hope to be joining you someday :). The future of YYJ sure looks bright.


That’s really cool. Congrats!


Who’s your teacher?
Nevermind just looked at the pic


dat my cousin… Lol, congrats man.

(Owen) #11

Swerve, you and Grant should make a video together. It’d be cinema perfection.


That is awesome. Congratulations:)




Saw that on Facebook man, i had no idea, that’s so cool! Good luck!


Congrats man! :smiley:




Congrats, hope you good fortune with YYJ In the future

(UmeNagisa) #18

You have spectacular taste in yoyos.
Lets see your sig in the future :slight_smile:



Good for you have fun on team yoyojam! And don’t leave the forums your too much fun!


Thanks everyone!!! I still can’t believe it actually happened, I feel like I’m dreaming :). I feel this is the start of my yo young career :).