Team Slack Attack tryouts

hey this is a thread about the team that me and nyjaj23 (dv888master) are making um i will post a link to our videos right now thats nyjaj’s and mine is If you wanna join read the directions in the info you can make a vid response or post a video here it must be a minute long unless objected by me or nyjaj23 WE ARE ONLY ACCEPTING ABOUT 8 PEOPLE so make ur vids tryouts end august 15th

im not sure if a lot of people are going to try out because theres a lot of teams lately

do you want to try out?

might be interested :smiley:

Another team? Honestly, it’s getting old with the whole Team Throwbots and everything. But that’s me, I guess.

you have a point :wink:

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no thanks

I’m a throwbot, so no thanks

Just need to ask, whats the point of the team? I am already expecting certain replies.

the point of the team is for everyone to have fun have a good experience learn new tricks or combos and enter contests and hang out at worlds and stuff like that.

Not to be rude or anything, but we kinda do all of those things already.

exactly, but maybe not the people that hang out on youtube or vimeo or anyother place like that


You can’t hang out on a website…

I mean still, you’re just going to do what you do all the time, just hang out. You will end up doing the same thing if you aren’t on any team at all.

You’re exactly right.

Dude just get back on topic of who wants to be on the team or not seriously

I think saying that we’re going off-topic is a bit of an overkill. We have actually discussed the team all the time, so I don’t see why you’d say that we’re going off-topic.

the topic is the tryouts, if you want to be in the team then post ur tryout vid thats what i meant maybe i said that poorly so sorry if u didnt understand what i meant

Again, bit of an overkill. I understood what you meant. And we are not going off-topic at all. When you make a tryout topic when there’s already at least two other tryout topics on the board, you just have to realize that these discussions get started. And notice that this exact same discussion is appearing in all the other tryout topics, but you are the only one saying that we’re going off-topic.

And to get back to your team. I want this discussion to be here. And people should know that these teams aren’t really doing that much. It’s just a name to put on your profile. I guess that this is why you don’t want us to discuss anything but the tryouts. You want people to blindly join your team without knowing that it’s just a name in your signature. I might be wrong on this, but if I am wrong, you really need to give the real reason you think we’re taking things out of hand, because it’s not.

well the team is mainly to have fun and for people that dont have a team that want to be in one, they can finally be in one. Its just for fun and people dont have to join but they could if they just want to have fun. That is one of my main goals, TO HAVE FUN ;D