Team Slack Attack tryouts

oooh, Do throw bots get free string?

My video

nice its good but you need to work on going just a little bit faster

I might make a video about speed. I just didnt want anyone to see the tricks I am going to put in it.

watch your language dv888master

YoYoExpert does.

Okay I’m gonna be a hippopottamus- I mean hypocrite. Its against the YYE rules. Anyway, you didn’t really show the profanity, so I wouldn’t do anything about it.

As I agree with rsmod, I also think that Dv888master’s attitude is somewhat aggresive/offensive. While I do not have the authority to do anything, I highly suggest that you (Dv888master) get rid of that attitude. If you don’t want to do so, be my guest, but don’t think that it won’t have any consequences.

i guess i can be agresive but how offensivee i dont get that part

I guess offensive was just a potential substitute for aggressive in case aggressive wasn’t a correct term. Just a minor vocabulary malfunction on my side. Fixed by the way.

combos or tricks i can do ( basically i can do 2 or three of these tricks tricks on a throw, depending how good), because the video wasn’t working for me…

Triangle laceration
Triangle whip from trapeze
Leg wrap trap
Iron/Plastic/Jade/Wrist Whip
Gyro Flops
Thumb Grind
Eli Hops
I can do more Expert and advanced just thought these were most amusing


All intermediate

Not Very Good

All Begginer

ok so so far we have 5 tryouts anyone else want to tryout??? we are only accepting 3 more the people who are probably going in now are

jared (if he makes a tryout cause he said he was)

can i add mine even tho it not a min

OOOOOH OOOOH ME!!! PIIIIICK MEEE!!! I want to beee on your TEAAAAAAMZ!!!


A fortune cookie told me that I will be on your team. Therefore, I find trying out pointless.

just make a video that is a minute jared. Also, you will not be on my team unless u tryout and post a video on my thread

all i wanted to know if i could post two videos…

yea thats fine lol.