We are an intermediate team growing together. If your intermediate about to start advance play, then message me for my email. The dead line for video entries is June 10th. I REPEAT JUNE 10th. You will find out of you made it on June 11th. My VP and I will send you a personal message on here. Hope you tryout.
P.S. we are only taking 5 people.

Good luck, 
C.E.O. & Founder of 

If you are an intermediate yoyoer going into advanced and want to join join we will be having tryouts pm me for email the deadline is JUNE 10.

What is your idea of “intermediate”

What will you be looking for in the video besides skill

I think he’s basing it on the tricks one can do according to YYE’s Learn section.
But what are the benefits of being on this team?
Anyways, I hope you guys get the best guys with lots of talent.

And on an unrelated note, I love how you put C.E.O. as if the team is a registered company. :]

Deadline to turn in your auditions is JUNE 10th. I REPEAT JUNE 10th. Hope you try out. Send me a message on here to get my personal email. So what are you waiting for? Turn your moves in now!!!
P.S. you have to be intermediate to try out.

Team Precision

Ok more info is needed. This eerily looks like Andre with the dm2 and gyro as favorite but team precision is something more on the lines of Jennifer baybrook from the late 90’s as she was the first female to win nation and worlds and was Captain of 1999 World Yo-Yo Precision team. And why was this account created for the sole purpose of the auditions? hmmm. ???

this account was not created for this team… my friend and I wanted a little intermediate team, where the team could grow together… if you are interested in trying out, please send me a personal message on yye and then i will give you my email (i will not give out my email over the forum) the deadline to turn in your try out vid is JUNE 10TH
thank you…

I think I saw you post something about this a few days ago… Couldn’t you just post on that thread instead of creating a new one.

With this thread alone, people aren’t really going to understand what you’re talking about… :-\

Thats why you need to pm him. Or you could pm me… Just saying


Seriously I think your asking to start a club. No disrespect. Don’t get mad but a team is a group of people that do things together and raise money to enter contest. or they get sponsored by a company to do contests and represent that company. if its a club or team, you would generally need all members relatively close to each other and your unwilling to give info easily on this hurts your cause. If its friends you seek to talk with and meet up with online then you don’t need a team or a club to do that. You have 14,561 yye friends you can count on!

What I meant was that from what was originally posted here, you can’t tell what team precision even is…

Goto which is for clubs as well. Name your group at the top as the thread topic and talk away and ask others to join. There you will have a place to meet.

Nobody said it was a group

I’m not really sure what point you’re trying to make here, but this is definitely a group, there are 2+ of you… How is that anything but a group? ???

I meant club btw