Team Competetions

dude there is no way i can bet that!!!

Except Yuuki and Tyler. (no offence samad!)

I can name at least 20 players that can smoke me off the top of my head. There are at least 100 though.

Yeah you are. I love the Wombats Samad! And lets dance to joy division is my favorite song! :smiley:

Samad is BEAST! i wish i could be sponsored by General-Yo or Yoyofactory! FREE YOYOS IS LIKE HEAVEN!!! ESPECIALLY IF ITS A GENERAL YO OR YYF!

cbaxt when ur vids done post on youtube and ill create a poll

It really isn’t about the free yoyos. It’s more about representing the company that you love. Free yoyos is just a perk.

No one wants to battle? I’m not as good as you guys think, lol

BTW, Im probally gonna get whooped

Alright fine, I’ll battle you…

Happy Throwing! =]

Well, it wouldn’t work unless you were on a Team, like Crew 24/7, or Kugasari, or others.

Samad you didnt have anybody else in your video?

im in for this i just need to join a team any teams open?

What level are you on Demon?

expert 1

Uh, how many teams are there?

Happy Throwing! =]

I know. I was going for individual battles.

Plenty! Just ask anyone if you could join, and I’m sure they’d take you seeing as how good you are.

I think I already have it, team 2yo (yoyo club). XD

Does that count?

Happy Throwing! =]


Crap, I’ll find one…

What battle team are you on?

Happy Throwing! =]