Team Abyss All Memebers Video(Featuring BuddhaFusion, Jamesofyoyo, and Mr.Genki)


Hope you all like it.


luke shattered that flower… lawl. Great vid!

(M²) #3

nice glasses lol, i didn’t know james lived near you guys.

(Thomas) #4

Duh James lived by them they were all in the ministar video.

(M²) #5

i didn’t see the mini star video…

(Jamesofyoyo) #6

Yep, I live in SoCal! And my little brother didn’t mean to shatter the flower. But when he did, we laughed soo hard! :smiley: Thanks for the opportunity to make the video with you buddhafission! :slight_smile: Well put together, and Relient K is a pretty good band my friend. :wink: It went well with the yoyoing. (that music was a song of Relient K right?)

~James Reed!


It was by Sum 41

(Jamesofyoyo) #8

Darn, I thought it was Relient K. Epic fail on my part. :smiley:


reliant k is da bomb.when i get a video camera and make vids would i be able to join?


I’m hosting tryouts again during summer when I get my first yoyos sold and made.


Relient K is amazing!!! But how could it be them? They are christian. The song say the “s” word…


Nice video and great yoyoing. :wink: