hey guys i made this video its my 7 months video for TEAM FLOWLESS and i use my hand made STRYKR string its relly good u can pm me to buy it


Ok, I’m gonna sound a little mean here but all I’m saying needs to be said.

This video was a real mess.

Let me talk about the presentation. You’re lighting is really dim making the string really hard to see. The angle of your camera is really really and too tight on you so if you move at all we miss portions of the trick. The editing was really not that good either. None of those effects or transitions were necessary. Also, I don’t need to see you bind every time. If you miss the bind, just edit that out.

Now about your play. I know I’m gonna sound mean, but this is the truth. Your play was all in all just not good. Everything was really unsmooth, the tricks were really linear and weren’t all that good. And you missed most of the tricks anyway.

Look, I’m not saying that you don’t have potential, because you do. Everyone does. But you just need to work on it. This was just really not good. Sorry. :-\

go out side and film btw team flowless? why would someone name it that?

im sorry man… but that was REALLY painful to watch… and listen to (song was horrid)

please keep trying and take any constructive criticism (like Zach, he knows videos)

maybe even ask someone else to edit your next vid for you

Freaking sucked.

^ well that’s not totally necessary…

The one thing I did like: your hoodie. I had the same exact one. And it was the only way I could tell your video was mirror flipped :stuck_out_tongue:

I see where you got the name for the team…
Yeah work on your yoyoing and video making… a lot.