Have you ever had to teach a new friend to yo-yo? If so please give me some tips because I have a new friend that i an teaching to yoyo and I need some tips because it’s harder than I thought it would be so please help me.


I’m currently teaching a co-worker right now. First off, start with the real basics - responsive yo-yo, simple sleeping tricks. I started with ProYos (because I have like 50 of them) and just sleeper, forward pass, breakaway. After a few days of that I gave him a Dragonfly and added in braintwister and trapeze. He’s actually progressing really fast, after 3 weeks he’s doing split the atom, double or nothing, plastic whip (yep onto unresponsive already) and he can bind pretty well. He’s got the bug and now keeps buying new yo-yos, he’s got a Velocity, a DMII and has a stacked plastic Grind Machine coming tomorrow. I’m just happy to have someone at work to throw with :slight_smile:


you have 50 ProYos?!?! you are my hero.
also, good advise, all of the above.


Thanks for the advise