Tatsuya Fujisaka impersonates Mickey!

LOL Tatsuya is too good at being Mickey

He was pretty good I could see the resemblance lol

That was great, however I can’t tell it Tatsuya was: mocking Mickey, doing an honest interpretation, or he was just having a bad day. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of both players, I just can’t decide what the purpose of the video was for. It sure was funny though.

I think he is just doing an honest imitation for fun. It’s a demo performance, not an actual competitive freestyle, so I think rather than doing his own tricks he decided to just do an homage to Mickey.

That was pretty neat. He does do a really good job at imitating Mickey’s stuff.

For sure he’s doing it for fun, just listen to how much fun the audience is having. It’s not a mock, if you notice, it’s at a sOMEThING contest, it was really one of the few examples where someone really just wants to have fun on stage without giving a crap about how well they do.

ohhhh, thank you, I didn’t know it was an actual contest, I thought it was a video contest, that Tatsuya entered with this routine. Still looks like fun though.