Tasking. A video by an awesome penguin

Thanks to Josh for helping to film/edit.
Constructive criticism please  :slight_smile:


Excellent tricks, but I think the intro was a little long. :’(

Agreed with samad, The intro wasn’t necessary. :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed, but nice tricks and nice smoothness.

I had a feeling the intro was long.

When we made this, we wanted it to be his friends recommending that he make a vid through a facebook chat.

It did seem to drag out quite a bit.

You have gotten quite good Joseph, your tricks impress me.

Such a difference from that first video I made with you and Tin.

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Thanks for the constructive criticism. I thoroughly enjoy you guy’s giving me some pro’s instead of con’s.
Next time I will make my intro shorter, and not speak my dialogue.

I had fun making this vid with Josh, so, a big thanks to Josh.