Bro Slack Video Tutorial

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IDK how to say this but this is “fine”. The elegant “fine”. Not fancy fine, not payment fine, not O.K. fine, but a fine with an elegance.

Anyways, nice tutorial. Keep yoyoing and work on smoothening out some moves to make it look casual.

I love this trick. Awesome video! Very well explained, and easy to understand. :wink:

Good trick. Well explained. I would like to see the trick in a combo, but still good job. ;D

Thanks guys :smiley: One question, should I use voice or keep using text???

Well when people use text, the audience wont even try to read the text unless it’s super hard and important. If you use vocal though, make sure the voice is loud and clear so then we don’t have to lean over to the computer and we can listen clearly.

What I could do is speak during the video, which means less editing. Or I could use my mic to voice over, which is a little more work, but not much.

I think you should just speak.

Alright, thanks

Thanks. Really easy to understand.

thanks :smiley: New video coming sometime this week :slight_smile:

“feel free to pause the video…”???
its not like you could stop me or know if i did! hahah just saying

but good tutorial none the less

i dont use text, i just speak and explain. i NEVER read text. i just look at the slowmo/sideviews

Oh, I get it