Lunch Break - Prism

been working alot; got me a shiny new camera so hopefully alot more videos to come :slight_smile:

He’ll yeah bro keep them coming

thanks man.
to everyone seeing this:
I am looking for critique & feedback (both production and trick-wise) so don’t hold back :slight_smile:

Okay, I’ll be strict as possible. Where other videos have one or two major flaws, your video had a few more minor flaws. It was a little bright, the introduction was a little long, you weren’t centered with some of the tricks, and the video was long. Ordinarily i wouldn’t give all this “bad” feedback but i’m being as picky as possible. But actually that was a pretty great video.

Awesome vid, really liked the intro that seems like a cool place. Also, nice style of tricks.

thanks guys
stuarttw: thats not bad feedback, thats exactly the kind of thing I’m after, thank you. :slight_smile: