Tarvis and B-Rad

Hanging out at Oklahoma States 2009.

Shout out to Madhouse and Big Brother Yoyo

B-Rad (me) in the plain black shirt, white hat that says “Yo-Yo”

Tarvis, aka Travis Owen of the Madhouse Syndicate, in the Black Shirt with the Yoyostring making a heart.

Thank Tarvis for editing!

Enjoi, and please comment!!!

Awesome, not a single comment, I love it!!!

Wow, this thread is HOPPIN’!!!

I’m feelin’ the love people!!!

Ha you know how we do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice stuff there. Didn’t remember Tarvis being that good but I guess he was. Were you at Texas States B-Rad?

Nope, This was at OK state. I wish I would have been able to go to Tx States haha. I’ll be at SCR and Worlds though!

Oh ok cool. I just thought you looked familiar but I guess not.

Did you go to SCR in Dallas last year? It was in the building with the car show, we were right next to the body building competition… You got a pic? I may be able to recognize you…

Pretty cool video!

Naw. Only contest I’ve been to was Texas States this year, mainly because I live in Kansas, as well as I was busy when Oklahoma States was. So no I wasn’t at SCR, whatever that is.

SCR- South Central Regionals.

You are both good :smiley: