Taking A Break from Offstring

I am not done with offstring. I need a break. That’s the most simple way of saying things.

How long I will be out? I don’t know, maybe by Worlds, maybe by Nationals, maybe later. But there are reasons, some I am not willing to disclose due to the fact that it’s unimportant information in your lives, and some reasons that are legitimate in my eyes. I will be back though.

I need to find myself in offstring again. It’s weird. Someone also once told me that when you want something so bad, you don’t even come close to getting it when the opportunity comes. I’ve been chasing a second world championship for a while now, and while it is a VERY high goal for myself, I haven’t gotten any closer lately to reaching that.

When I stepped on to the stage at US Nationals this fall, I didn’t feel like myself anymore. My best friend has said that I have deviated from my style lately too, and I think part of that is due to the fact that I have been competing too much lately in offstring on a regular, regular basis. Being in a neckbrace for 3 and a half months didn’t help my need for finding my style again. I need time to experiment and time to feel good about everything again.

With the release of my new yo-yo, Inspire, I also want to focus more now on 1A. Time to switch things up, this time styles wise, and I feel more at ease sometime when I do 1A.

That’s all I will disclose right now.

I’ll be back when I’m back.

Really like the inspire John. Enjoyed using it at MWRs. Loved your performances.
-Adam P

Shame… I love you 4a, your 2011 World’s performance was done with such great showmanship, (although I’ve never been sure if you intended to take the bandanna off or if you just ripped it off because it was in the way :P).

Having said that, your 1A is what’s always kept me interested, you have such a bold style and your freestyles connect so well with the music. I must have seen your 2011 nationals freestyle about 20 times now and I still can’t watch it without smiling. I think your experience in 4a is what makes your 1a so good. I know you’ve changed your style in 1A now but from what I’ve seen in your MN states freestyle, it’s a step in the right direction - you still have the very bold elements I like!

Good luck in wherever 4a takes you and good luck with 1a at Worlds.

Sometimes it takes a break to get you back ito something. Part of it is the rediscovery of that which yo stepped away from that makes it new again. Despite the newness, it isn’t truly new, but now you can approach it from a different perspective

Wow I am seriously impressed by your dedication to yoyoing. You see Jensen just having fun not trying and joking around and then you see serious letters from other pros like this. It just goes to show you how different yoyo pros can be! Polar opposites almost?

Make sure you still practice 4A occasionally, I once went without it for awhile, and I started to get worse. Good luck, and have fun.

The offstring will still be thrown, just need to figure a few things out in my yo-yo and non-yo-yo life.