Happy New Year everyone!!!


I started off the new year by teaching two kids how to throw!

It’s gonna be a good year!!!


I think I’ll start it in a very different way. Once my next BST is done, I’m going to stop, just stop, and take a break. I’ve lost the feel for yoyoing right now, so I hope a good long break will help me out. Once it is done, I will leave the forums, and just stop yoyoing for a time. I’ll be back, but I don’t know when. I am also keeping my favorites, so I won’t be returning with nothing.


I feel the same … i took a break for a few days but even though i feel stuck … i still just love to throw for no damn reason lmao …

i guess i am not to the point where stopping will help me cus i still think about it when i stop hahahhaha

so i might just skip things and keep trying new things and when i am sick of it … then ill stop and see if that helps… but hope to see you back bro!!!

this year … i really wanna go to worlds!!!

Going to VA state contest next week … can’t wait