New here


Hello! I’m kinda new to this community [not really active, so I don’t think anyone know me. ;D]

I used to do 4A for some time, like 7 months until I broke the axle of both my Roc and Whale. So I have to wait [could be very long] until I get a good chance to buy some new offstring throws. [I’m saving for some Hayabusas.] I’m very into technical offstring.

I don’t want to leave yoyoing, and I noticed that I have a 1A yoyo. Probably a good time to practice 1A instead!

I’m still new to 1A. Just started off seriously like last week. Please be forgiving!


Thats amazing for one week!

On the other hand, dat poster…


Thank you! I did tech OS before, so I could figure out pretty quickly how 1A works. It’s kinda fun too, but I still have to work on the breakaway and the bind. :-\

The posters are Avril Lavigne. She’s my idol, I respect her. Like, I’m obsessed with her, but not in THAT way! xP