t-shirt add-on


I was thinking that if we ordered YYE t-shirt, there could be an option to add our names to the back, like charge $.50 per letter. is this a good idea or not?


You can’t just change the shirt like that…

(Mikey) #3

That and people like Ed only have to pay a dollar, while I have to pay $3.50.

(JM) #4

That’s you’re fault for wanting your whole name on your shirt, lol.

It’s not that expensive to get it done yourself though, Xig.


is there a certain paint i would need to use? Thanks for the feedback.

(JM) #6

There is a particular paint you can use for cloth that can be found at a fabric store, but if you want nice printed letters, go to a Jersey store, or a pagoda in the mall that will add text to clothes/


Or you could design your own shirt on any laser scripting website.