Ok gues what.
The title is what.
My synergy caps are crazy. I mean, its fun to have them, but they are doing pretty crazy things to me. Ok heres the point. Sometimes when I do a trapeze on my DM w/ the synergy caps on the synergy cap itself actually gets caught on the string. Or when I try to balance it on my thumb, the string will wind up around the little black part you hold on too. Its proabably just me.
Is there a way I can stack a DM a different way, that is like really good?
Or is there stacks that are compatible and don’t stick out as much?
Please HELP
Before my hubstacks make me so frustrated that I have to go to my speeder, because I have chucked my DM at the wall about 20 times.


#1 the dm isnt compatible with hubstacks.
#2 even if you got hubstacks they would all do these things
#3my synergy caps are the same
#4 there are not synergy caps that stic out less.
i know you dont want to hear these things but they are the truth.

I know they are the truth.
I was asking if someone knew
some other method of stacking,
cause I know they’re are a lot of awesome modders here on yyx

The problem is that you are letting the string catch on the synergy caps. For the trapeze, you probably are not landing the yoyo in the gap or the string gets in the way of the synergy caps. With some crazy modding skills, you can probably hubstack a DM but that’s not recommended.

Thats what I thought.
And by the way, that trapeze thing only happened once
I was just using it as an example


Yeah… the string is slacking and catching to the synergy cap. Just make sure to be careful with it.