Synergy Cap tricks

For synergy caps specifically.

Synergy caps are most useful for 5a and 4a. Other than that, they are pretty much just for fun. One of my favourite tricks is this.

Just eliminate the thumbgrind and replace it with a synergy hold.

Synergy caps are really good for 5a, because of the holding the yoyo thing, and very little restriction.

They can also be used for 4a, putting it on a kickside or an aquarius.

I can’t view those vids.

Just download the video and you should be able to. If not, sorry :frowning:

One trick is something like you get into a gt, you pop out the wrong way. You will get a triangle, then synergy out of the triangle.

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My version of Koloski Tower. Pull the stacks (caps) and throw a slack loop over your non-throwhand. With your throwhand thumb, pull down the slack. Let go of the yoyo and let it spin. Bring it around in front of the whole thing, and land it on the string connected to your finger. (a.k.a. the bottom string) You will have 2 loops on your non-throwhand. Slip the frong one under the second one and fix the top. Koloski Tower. Drop everything but your non-throwhand pointer thats in the top of it and you will land in a Trapeze. My work here is done. :wink: